Creating an "all-electric society"

Welcome to our website! We are ePEBBs *pronounced: or efficient Power Electronic Building Blocks.

We are an Italian startup with the goal of playing a leading role in the ongoing revolution in the energy and transportation sectors.



The Evolution of the Electrical World

Significant changes are currently underway in the energy and transportation sectors. Specifically, a shift towards an electric revolution is occurring in various thematic areas: 

  • Energy Transition and Digital Revolution 
  • e-mobility – EV 
  • Control Heating/cooling – Heat Pumps 
  • Electric Propulsion – cars & trucks, ships, trains 
  • DERs – Generators, Energy Storage (ESS), controllable loads  
  • Virtual Power Plants by aggregation of DERs 
  • Smart City and Micro grids 
  • Flexibility in Energy Systems 
  • Resilience of power systems – against critical events (extreme weather, cyber-attacks, major grid faults) 


ePEBBs is a power electronic service company

ePEBBs specializes in electronic systems engineering for various applications, including Smart Power Converters for Microgrids, Energy Communities, EV Charging Infrastructure, Energy Storage, and Electric Propulsion. 

We have the capability to oversee the entire product development process, from initial simulations to HW and SW development, POWER CONVERTER design, prototype validation testing, and certification. 

We design modular and bidirectional power conversion systems, offering comprehensive engineering services to support our clients' needs. 

380 V 50 Hz400 V  800m V


The electric car as a power bank for your home

La più grande sfida delle energie rinnovabili è lo stoccaggio di elettricità! Gli impianti fotovoltaici (conosciuto anche come pannelli solari) generano corrente quando c’è il sole, ma non necessariamente quando c’è immediato bisogno di elettricità. ​

Come far incontrare domanda e offerta, quando necessario?​
L’ideale sarebbe immagazzinare l’energia prodotta in eccesso. Con le giuste batterie ciò è possibile, ma comporta dei costi. ​

E proprio qui entra in gioco eCHARGER di ePEBBs – il nostro prodotto consente una ricarica bidirezionale, grazie alla quale l’auto elettrica può fungere da batteria anche per la casa, condiminio, azienda e per altre strutture industriali.


We offer services tailored to your business!

eBRICK50 is just the beginning of what we can offer our corporate partners. We offer a full range of tailored services, with a proven track record in testing and multiphysics analysis, development and integration of hardware and software on new or existing systems.

Do you have a project in mind that we can help you implement? Contact us!

Grid integration

eBRICK50 – technology that allows you to make the power bidirectional from V2G to V2H or V2B.


Integration of power electronics systems with existing devices, according to your needs.

Unlocking insights into your power electronic system

Simulation and design of power electronics systems with a high level of detail.

HW & SW development

We can create ad hoc software programs or customized hardware according to your needs.